Aluminium airshafts with strips – sidelay

They are designed to rewind and unwind cantilevered rolls; they allow to adjust the roll seat without having to deflate the airshaft.
By a knob placed at the end of the airshaft, you can move the body axially approx. by 20 mm on both sides, in order to keep the roll aligned both when rewinding and unwinding.They body is made from natural or surface anodized aluminium.
The zinc-plated journal is always manufactured
according to the customer’s drawing.
The expansible strips are from aluminium or from rubber-steel.
The strips can expand thanks to multiple bladders from high-strength synthetic rubber.

• A special execution is designed for the food industry; it consists of a central body from hard oxidated alumiunium; stainless steel journal, screws, circlip and bearing; polyurethane strips

They are available from a min. diam. of 69 mm up to max. 200 mm.